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Many young people spend a lot of money during the day, and this can create expectations and jealousy. Physical things are not the goal of the day, it is love. I understand that the stores will benefit from the concept, but personally I find it a bit nauseating.

Calculate the interest rate for an entire year

Calculate the interest rate for an entire year

Admittedly, using the mortgage lender can be a costly pleasure if you are to borrow large amounts for 4 months. If you calculate the interest rate for an entire year, the interest rate, including the interest rate, will be almost 38.5 per cent. There’s a lot of money there.

In six months, the Good Finance in the middle of Oslo has doubled the number of customers. Mortgages are offered on the day.

A stone’s throw from Karl Johans gate in the middle of downtown Oslo is today Norway’s only Good Finance. Here anyone can bring their valuables and borrow money on the day.

Consumer economists in DnB NOR, Nordea and Postbanken agree that the offer from the Good Finance is expensive, but not so much more expensive than consumer loans if you pay back according to plan.

Our advice is therefore that you should compare prices in the market. The big advantage of the Good Finance is that you are not exposed to the same credit rating that you would otherwise have encountered with other finance companies. Here you can risk getting rejected, or very unfavorable terms, if you have a little too many payment notes.

At the Good Finance, on the other hand, they only look at the value of the item. If the value is high enough, you will be able to borrow money on the day. If you fall into this booth, then the Good Finance’s offer may be for you.

Things you can pledge to make money on the day are:
Gold (14, 18, 21 and 24 carats) in the form of jewelry and the like is the very best. Red, white and yellow gold are fine.

Diamond rings may be assessed by a professional.


Norwegian silverware (not jewelry)
and other silver objects such as barrels, candlesticks, etc., which do not have engravings.

Costumes and shoes.

Art paintings of good quality and with tariff.

All of the electrical equipment they are more skeptical of. It should be new, with receipt and all cables / instructions for use, if they should take it.

Other types of movable property upon request.


An example of someone who needs money during the day :
Hans bought himself a car a couple of months ago at home in Trønderlag. A friend wanted to sell the car for 4,000, and since there is no wealth and the car has potential, Hans transferred money on the day. It was an impulse purchase, because he has always wanted a 142. Since he is in Spain until June 2005, there is a companion to look after it for Hans. Doesn’t get big with it either since he’s a few miles away, but will try to get some pictures of the car in the near future.

* The first priority is to get the car 100% technical condition

* It is now largely refurbished, and some body parts have been purchased new, because some rust welding has to be done here and there. Front screens must be purchased new.

* Don’t know exactly what color yet, but fucking glow on dark coke gray metallic.

This is a typical example of someone who wants money in the day to fix their car.

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